Joan and Clive are honoured and thrilled at the wonderful comments that have been made and we thank all who have visited our site. Please keep coming back!

Joan and Clive, A splendid website! For me the wildlife are the most stunning, probably because I have never developed any great enthusiasm for birds. But there is so much else, such as your shot of Silbury on a frosty morning, the rape fields near the White Horse, the Pasque flowers. Like you, I have zoomed many stained glass windows, but I find that best results are obtained by only zooming halfway through the exposure; like you, I also love the mediaeval passion for height. Sir George Pollock Bt., MA, FRSA, Hon FRPS, Hon PAGB, MPAGB, EFIAP FRPS. UK

Joan and Clive... what a website, it's superb and the pictures - well, they are magic! Frank Hon FPSSA, FPSSA (Dux), EPSSA, EFIAP and Gail FPSSA AFIAP Reuvers. SA

Lovely variety of images including superb wildlife and landscapes. Great to see two complementary styles coming together to
such good effect. Robert Harvey ARPS. UK

Just spent some time on your website which is excellent - the pictures illustrating your versatility and photographic expertise. John Long ARPS DPAGB. UK

Finally had a few moments to click on the link and look at this – wonderful! Really great to see these superb images on line – 21st Century technology does so much for the shared enjoyment of photography! Frank Collins UK

Loved your web site, some great images. Very envious of your trips to SA. Needless to say I was more interested in the birds Clive! Keep taking them. Peter Basterfield ARPS DPAGB. UK

Clive and Joan, Congratulations on a great website - superb pictures. Ray and Virginia Mundin UK

Joan & Clive, Thank you so much for letting us know about your splendid new site, we enjoyed looking at it enormously. We will keep it on our favourites list, and mention it to all our friends. Eddy (ARPS DPAGB) and Pam (ARPS DPAGB) Lane. UK

Your web site is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!   Congratulations and I wish you much success. Talbot Cox SA

The photos are awesome. A wonderful website. Thank you. Lynda Jackson SA

Congrats, the photos are terrific. Sandra Pereira SA

Wow! Your pics are fantastic! Erica Blenkinsop SA

Thank you, these are as usual VERY good!!! Ann Higgs SA

Well done both of you, an excellent website.  We look forward to ...seeing some [more] sports orientated images to add to your current range of superb action shots. Adrian (ARPS DPAGB) and Vanessa Herring (ARPS). UK

What wonderful pix. I will certainly keep this on file. Claire Russell UK

Wonderful photographs. Very impressed . Penny Morgan SA

Congrats your website is fantastic, as are your images. Marc Ryder SA

Congratulations! What a superb web-site. Simple and dramatic to show off your lovely images. Dr Gill Cardy ARPS DPAGB. UK

Very well done on getting your website up and running. It looks very good. Pam Mullings UK

What a lovely website and great photos!!! - well done to both of you – I will keep checking in!!! I have forwarded the address to some friends. Lee-Ann Jurgens SA

I have just received your first comment from one of my friends, and he is an Agfa Wildlife Winner, "Jeez Marc, they are very very good, particularly the scenics, close-ups and creative stuff. Those scenics just blew me away. I have Bookmarked them and will follow their site, thanks for sharing." So congrats from SA. Marc Ryder

This site is really terrific, well done!  Really very impressive. Stella and Melle Pike SA

Thanks so much for sharing these exquisite photographs. A mind-expanding experience to see so much through your cameras and therefore through your eyes. (Your photo of the Long Barrow prompted me to look it up on Google and learn a lot more than I knew before). Buster Borchers SA

Joan and Clive what a brilliant website. I have just had a show of your AMAZING photos ..(and I recognise a few!!) You truly have done yourselves proud and I hope you have much success. Elyse Cox SA

Fantastic web site, good colours used and very professional. I like the way you have written up the images. The hard work you both put into the web site really shows. The photography is not bad either! Audrey and Colin Harrision FRPS EFIAP MFIAP MPAGB. UK

Hi Joan and Clive, just to let you know that this is a very nice web-page...I find it easy to navigate and to view images. Chris and Marie Pretorius USA

Fantastic !!!!!  They are wonderful. Olivia Spencer UK

What a stunning website and fabulous pictures. Each picture is truly a masterpiece and it was wonderful looking through the site. Very well done. I wish you and Clive well and hope that your photographic hobby/business will go from strength to strength. I particularly liked the contrast of your African and English pics - beautiful. Gail Hochreiter SA

We have just been looking at your amazing pictures. They are superb. Jen and Andrew Goode UK

J and C, Absolutely great. Congratulations! You will do very well. Colin Loader UK

Absolutely fabulous. Loved the wildlife and adored the little wet dog on the beach. Gorgeous photos guys. Sandra Pereira SA

Such beautiful pics Joan and Clive. It was like deja-vu looking at them all - felt like I was at camera club all over again. How we miss those days. I see your work is as beautiful as ever, and now you have even more wonderful material to capture. Keep up the spectacular work!! Ingrid Freeman USA

Beautiful photos! Dianne de Reuck SA

Clive and Joan, this is fantastic, I particularly love the images of Lyme. Jo Wills UK

Joan and Clive. Love your website. Delighted you can both help select the Smethwick International Nature section in November. Kindest regards, Tony Wharton FRPS. UK

Clive and Joan. Congratulations on a great website - superb pictures. Ray and Virginia Mundin. UK